A Snap to the Database – An Avengers Endgame story

Avengers endgame opened tickets for pre-sale yesterday little did AMC expect another snap of Thanos’s finger to their backend servers.

Before we get to that, I knew the tickets were going on sale on April 2. I tried to claim one at midnight, then at 3AM and then again at 5AM hoping they might have an easter egg triggered for a die hard fanatic like me. Alas it wasn’t meant to be.

By the time tickets went on sale, I entered the fandango waiting queue which told me I had an hour to wait, yes like an actual queue online before I buy the tickets. I have been purchasing early preview tickets since Captain America – Civil war. Usually when these open up it takes a few days for Thursday night preview show to sell out.

Even Infinity war when it got released it took a few days for it to sell out. Avengers Endgame is a whole different story. As I waited impatiently constantly trying to refresh to see if my position improved in the queue. To be fair to Fandango their scheduler had the time spot on when my time came up to purchase. Thats when I heard it. It was Master Thanos snapping his fingers again. This time instead of people disappearing AMC’s database just disappeared to nothingness.

Thats when I logged into twitter to find out I am not alone. Since all traffic was feeding into AMC all the third party sites which were reliable like Fandango also couldn’t serve anything except downtiming the queue activity until AMC resolved it. I decided to give up my battle and went to work. At least I was happy that no-one else could buy it until AMC fixed it.

I was looking at other options (Regal/Cinemark) couple of hours later because I just can’t miss the fan-fest event especially on the final act of an amazing decade of extraordinary movies with an overarching plot to connect all of them. I hooked into their status page and finally saw my queue activity give me a number instead of saying paused again gave me hope once more.

Another hour of wait I finally got my tickets. Did I mention that this all happened on my birthday? I was ecstatic that I was able to book my tickets to see this masterpiece in less than 3 weeks. It’s a testament to their creative force who architected these movies, actors, writers etc and also a testament to the underestimation and poor planning of the theatre tech industry with respect to the demand for this.

As for the final stats the early sales numbers for Avenger endgame have topped the collective early sales numbers for Force Awakens, Infinity war and Captain Marvel. Take it from me Numbers never lie.

Marvel you clever chess wizards also threw in this for a good measure, to ramp up the anticipation. Did I say that I can’t wait? Until next time.

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