20 Years later

Her heart was beating faster, and her breathing got so heavy, she spends years waiting for this day to arrive now that it has arrived, she was hoping this day would disappear in a minute. Emotions the perfect oxymorons she noted to herself in memory.

“What if I am still the silly girl from 20 years ago who still believes in fairy tales and expecting people to stay the same” she thought to herself before her inner voice shouted “Just calm down and take in the moment”

Vesper walked in the fields she always had elevated olfactory senses she loves to take in all the smells and can tell them apart, she remembered the fields smelling the same way as it had 20 years ago, she also could feel her perfume imbibing with the smell of the fields which added a new flavor and she very much loved it. She also sensed a smell of ash in the air which wasn’t the case last time. The last time her memory was etched with the smell of the rain and most importantly the smell of their messy naked bodies in an embrace along with his musky smell. She let out a heavy breath and began her stroll.

She was glad the corporations and their eternal greed still left these fields intact from tearing it down for another of those suburban malls. She wondered “Do kids these days still come out here to have an escapade from their digital prisons?”. She continued her slow walk along the fences and moved away from the fields into the orchards to proceed to her rendezvous point.

“You’ve the beautiful hair I’ve ever seen and probably will ever see” she remembered his voice as she approached her destination. She came face to face with “the tree” where they decided to meet again from that same day 20 years ago. She sat under the tree in the same spot and traced her fingers along its bark…

…he felt fingers on his back as lay next to her, he was kissing her passionately she could tell he was very inexperienced the way in which he was breathing so heavily and how his body trembled every time she pulled him close next to her but she loved his passion and every time her heart sank the way in which he looked at her.

Little did she know then that not a single one in those 20 years ever looked at her that way.

She opened her eyes and realized that she slept for 2 hours straight, she felt very elated waking up because of the euphoria from the memories which was flowing strongly through her. It’s amazing she realized how she remembers that night to the minute detail, but she can’t remember anything about her last meaningful relationship that way. She got up and adjusted her clothes, she wore a yellow dress eerily similar to the same ones, she couldn’t wear the same dress because she didn’t have those perky breasts from back then but now her breasts were more curvy, supple and big, something to die for or something which is going to die alone. She thought to herself.

She got up and went around the tree to see if that spot still existed. The tree looked more rustic than before. It had more wines and weeds around it. At Least it sounded more in touch with the reality than the fields. They chose this tree because it was the outcast in the orchard like them and she saw the part of the trunk where they etched a heart with initials V + J in them. Clearly no-one else likes this tree she thought seeing no other marks like that she chuckled to herself.

She sensed his body shudder; she groped his back with a tight grip her nails marking his back. As they both climaxed, they felt aligned as one, he could see her without her armor she had against him all these years, she could see his vulnerable eyes which told him how much he loved her, she knew it was love and definitely not purely lust.

This is the best day of my life” he told her, she quipped “said every man who lost his virginity!!” and giggled at him but he wasn’t laughing. “I mean it” he said and noticing his seriousness her smile fading she said, “Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

he added “I want to remember this moment, us, this picturesque moment, the sights, the sounds and the smell. Life and fate might have different plans for us but this memory we need to cherish it. I want to cherish it.

She quipped again “Let’s see if you remember this next month

He said, “Oh I will, how about a time frame longer 10 years or even better 20 years no matter what path life takes us, I promise I want us to remember this moment again by meeting here again on the same day 20 years from now.

She knew he was serious she told him “Let’s do it then.

She jolted back from the memory again as she was tracing her fingers on the heart, how much has he changed? Does he even remember everything still?

The night break was near, she waited long enough she thought to herself. She got up ready to move but her body wouldn’t move. Unable to hold it in anymore she cried, she just didn’t hold back like all those years ago where she held them back during the time, she waved goodbye to him when he went to college. Her whole life of bad choices flashed in front of her but this is the moment where she felt truly broken, because every misfortune which befell her she kept thinking there is always this day to look forward too but what now, no more turns to take she was on the edge of precipice. She just wanted to jump into the void now. No one cares, not even him.

She sniffled as she was laying under the tree, she sensed a smell she had been looking forward to smell. It was the musky smell which drove her crazy she heard a rustle among the leaves next to her, she felt his strong hands on her shoulder along with a whisper “Liar, I knew it was also your best day of your life too”. Hope was alive again.


This story above was written as part of Dr.Bourbon’s challenge on twitter. Image copyright belongs to Dr.Bourbon himself.


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