Small beginnings

I have finally did it.

After spending months mulling about it. I have finally mustered enough courage to initiate this. Now that the pleasantries are over. Lets get to it. I did have a personal blog before this which i maintained for 10+ years but I decided to deprecate it because the content in the post was geared towards one person primarily and some of those memories truly are special bu its not meant for everyone’s eyes. This however is the cure for that.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Actually, wordpress filled the above quote in here, after reading it two times I’ve decided to keep it. I like to think of it as a journey of self-discovery, purpose and most important thing of all driven by Good company. I did manage to find a lot of it recently. Most of it on twitter where anonymity and hatred run rampant. Like there are 2 sides to a coin it has its fair share of awesomeness with special people who are truly inspiring. I plan to devote a segment here about all of these folks here in the subsequent chapters after all one of the biggest problems in the context switching culture, we have here is lack of personalization. Nothing is personal anymore. I want to bring that back here.

A little bit about me. I like to keep an air of mystery about me in twitter because more i divulge more they mine my personal data and sell me ads. Every time i take a stab at their ads model, I keep getting an ad for Cialis in my feed (clever bastards).

I am 33 years old, male when I am not writing here, I am mostly chasing my 2 year old around the house along with his brother who is a 11 year old German Shepherd. I have 2 graduate degrees one on Mathematics second on Computer Science. I am originally born in Queensland Australia (hold on before you think I am another Hugh Jackman) to Indian parents. I have spent my whole life shunting between Queensland & Bangalore before life finally moved me to my home away from home which happens to be the US of A.  I studied in the east coast during my grad school tenure now I am in the Midwest region working as a Software Architect.

If there is a theme for this blog. It will be mainly on Chaos. I love chaos, the randomness if not for chaos i never would’ve met all the people who inspired me to write this. I also consider myself extremely serendipitous. I plan to write about anything and everything. I definitely plan to chronicle my adventures with Skynet (twitter/google/Facebook) and how they snoop our data one byte at a time.

Something about me not many people know. Few years ago I was planning to start my own company which in our view would’ve put LinkedIn out of business. Unfortunately, our investors didn’t share the same view. Another dream crumbled but that actually paved the way for me to find my current company rather small but best company in the world in my view.

If anybody is reading this far into this post and by any chance looking for their dream job and have problem finding it. Please do reach out to me even though I couldn’t build my own company, but I still have lots of tools at my disposal to help someone find their dream job. Once again personalization that job sites truly lack. I would absolutely be happy to help out.

Before I lose my coherence & brevity on this. I want to wrap this initial post. I also hope to ask some of those awesome folks to share their perspective here to break the norm.  Thanks for reading this and if you’re here now during the small beginnings, I expect you all to stick around until the end.

Until Next time.

I am a firm believer that every good post needs to end with great music. I leave you with this.

4 thoughts on “Small beginnings

  1. Awesome choice of music! Well done.

    As for the rest…that is life at its finest. They way you may have plans but events and circumstances toss you about is always quite interesting. I have decided to embrace the chaotic nature of the universe rather than try to bring the illusion of order to life.

    I, like you, distrust social media….more the data mining and targeting that goes on. With my pen name on Twitter and elsewhere I am very circumspect with the information I share, knowing that an algorithm could easily uncover my true identity, and I can’t have that.

    The thing I’ve always found interesting is how language guides folks in their thoughts. For example there are decided differences on how native speakers of different languages approach issues. But, since most folks are emersed in their language from the start, they fail to see that their language influences how they approach the world.

    Enough of my ramblings. Good job on the blog, well done Sir!


  2. Well now you’ve just given them another speaker of your life to listen in on.

    I always love hearing that people enjoy their job, employer, work environment, etc. Growing up, my parents hated their jobs, bosses and overall careers. That sealed the deal that whatever it was that I was going to be when I grew up (still have no real clue), it was going to be something I enjoyed and never dreaded going to work.

    Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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